We have an alternative way for you

Foreign exchange shops can’t be found in tourist friendly spots!

Extremely high rent is the common reason foreign exchange shops are inaccessible to tourists. This brings inconvenience to tourist needing to change the currency to peso. Tourists are force to exchange in hotels which has tremendous spread. Tourists going to a foreign exchange shops in Ermita Malate Manila where most of forex shops are located, poses a big risk to them. Tourists after transacting in the area will be like moving prey waiting for the predator to catch on them. The environment is also not conducive for foreign tourists.

We at Spot Rate understands all these inconvenience or the tourists. Call us and we will give you alternative. We are open Monday to Sunday between 9 AM to 5 PM. Our hotline numbers (02)454-2767, (02)4358045 / (0917) 885-8000 and a customer reps will be happy to assist you