No more PESO for shopping?

Tourists always face problems where to exchange their currency to peso.


Previously, the hospitality of Filipino people and the beauty of the Philippines itself have been ignored by many tourists around the world. Tourists are not convinced that these two factors are worth experiencing. Many thinks tourists wanted more, not from the Philippines and the Filipinos, but from the Philippines government. Present Government doing their part removed the anxiety of many tourists coming to the Philippines.

Philippines is the apple of the eye of many tourists around the world nowadays. Its government has been pouring lots of money to speed up infrastructure development, airport facilities and public transportation. Private companies are doing their part as well by developing and upgrading tourists spot destinations. Figures of tourists coming in to the Philippines are on the rise and unstoppable. As tourist rises, demand for Foreign Exchange shops is also on the rise but in reality the demand has not been accommodated resulting to tourist bad experience. We at Spot Rate wanted to help address this problem by giving tourist a solution and an alternative way beside going to a foreign exchange shops. Whether you are in a Hotel or office, just call us and we will find a way for you.

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