No more PESO for shopping?

Tourists always face problems where to exchange their currency to peso.

Previously, the hospitality of Filipino people and the beauty of the Philippines itself have been ignored by many tourists around the world. Tourists…

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We have an alternative way for you

Foreign exchange shops can’t be found in tourist friendly spots!

Extremely high rent is the common reason foreign exchange shops are inaccessible to tourists. This brings inconvenience to tourist needing to change the currency to peso. Tourist…

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Guaranteed High Rate!

Since many tourists are unaware of the current rate of their currency to peso, many unscrupulous forex shops are taking advantage of them by not being. There are instances in which rate of small denomination like $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 has lower exchange rate even if this was not supposed to be…

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Fast, Reliable, Safe and Secure

Slow, rude, and unprofessional customer agents are common in Forex Shops.

Our people are our asset. We are living by the mantra of “Good People deserve Good Things” …

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Forex Auto Reply

FOREX Auto Reply system. To know updated FOREX rates, please text Currency symbol to 09176421000

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Customer Support

Talk to our live customer support for any inquiries
you might have. Contact Us today!

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Forex Chat Support

You can tell us your foreign exchange challenge and we will try to find ways. Customer service is our number 1 priority that is why we put chat support in our website to assist you with your inquiries. Chat with us now!

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Thank you Spotrate

Thank you Spotrate

I stayed in the Philippines for 3 weeks last year to visit our Philippine operation and to check out Boracay. My stay was excellent because of Spot Rate. Whenever I need Peso, I will just call them up. This was definitely unique and memorable experience in the Philippines. Highly recommended!

Bank to Bank

We are a foreign company doing business in the Philippines. Our monthly budget comes from our head office in Germany in euro. We are always having a hard time withdrawing euro currencies from our local bank and worst, exchanging it to a local money exchange because it is quite a huge amount. Thanks to Spot Rate, we will just transfer to their account, and 24-48 hours, Peso will be credited to our account. Spot Rate was a big help in our company.

Other way of exchanging

Where in the world can you get a Foreign Exchange dealer that provides you options in yours transactions?? I used to have a hard time looking for a foreign exchange shop whenever I go to the Philippines. I remember calling them up and relayed to them my problem.  I was amazed that they indeed found a solution! Thank you Spot Rate.

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